Haier 20.7 Cu. Ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator HT21TS45SW Review

With a mid-level refrigerator you would think that you’re not getting much but the Haier HT21TS45SW- ENERGY STAR is perfect proof that this concept is wrong. Even a mid-level refrigerator that costs less than $1,000 can still give you all of the important features that you need. After all, a refrigerator should, at the least, be able to accomplish two things: Store food and drinks and Keep them cold

The Haier HT21TS45SW accomplishes both with amazingly. It surpasses all expectations of an affordable refrigerator. It is ENERGY STAR approved so you know it is also energy efficient, it is ice maker ready so you can always add one if you have one, plus it is also frost-free. To know about how good this refrigerator is, consider the pros and cons listed below.


  • First of all this has a separated, true top-freezer compartment. This allows it to reach those really freezing temperatures that you’ll need for storing meat and fish, ice cream, and pizza pans. The freezer does come with a wire shelf to organize the space given to you.
  • Speaking of shelves, the main shelves in the fresh food compartment are all designed with clear glass and have edges that conceal spills. The edges will ensure that all spills are self-contained, making it a lot easier to clean up and you don’t have to worry about the mess spreading to other parts of the refrigerator. Of course with them being made of clear glass it is a lot easier to navigate and find exactly what you want or need inside the fridge.
  • Fruits and vegetables can still rot even when refrigerated but the HT21TS45SW solves this by featuring two humidity-control fresh food crisper drawers that also have clear glass covers. This setup will ensure you fruits and vegetables will remain fresh and edible for as long as possible.
  • You don’t want to shove everything into the main fresh food compartment and to give you more space the HT21TS45SW gives door shelves that feature the same spill-proof, clear glass design. The largest one in the bottom is perfect for storing gallon bottles while the others are designed for tall containers and 2-liter bottles.
  • Also found in the door is the glass-covered dairy compartment.
  • Just in case you want to move the refrigerator to a different corner or if you have constricted kitchen space you’ll be pleased to know that the Haier HT21TS45SW utilize reversible doors. Just adjust the hinges and it can swing in any direction you so choose.


  • There are mainly two features lacking that could have been squeezed in without adding too much to the tag price: a covered condenser or a ready-to-install ice maker. Given with what the refrigerator already offers though this is already a complete package.


Haier HT21TS45SW- ENERGY STAR is a refrigerator that is designed for optimal storage and it has full temperature control to let you make it as cold as needed for specific food needs (like ice cream or food preservation). It might not have the fancy LCD screens or a built-in ice maker but it excels in the two main functions that every refrigerator should be purchased for.